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September Pit Crew Challenge | Bloody Mary Seasonings

September Pit Crew Challenge | Bloody Mary Seasonings

The Croix Valley Pit Crew Challenge for September was to use our Bloody Mary Seasonings for anything BUT Bloody Marys!

The Pit Crew really came through on this one. We were blown away by the unique uses of our Bloody Mary products. When you start to think about the flavor profile more than the bottle it's in, you can figure out all sorts of fun dishes to experiment with. From monkey bread to chicken wings, we think you'll enjoy the results of the September Croix Valley Pit Crew Challenge!

The dishes below all contain one or more of the following:

 Bold 'N Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning
Garlic 'N Dill Bloody Mary Seasoning
Horseradish Bloody Mary Seasoning
Pepper Bloody Mary Seasoning
Spicy Bloody Mary Rim Salt
Original Bloody Mary Rim Salt 


Mark Siemers | Iowa Sweet Corn Ribs w/ Bold 'N Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning

Mark Siemers | Gazpacho w/ Horseradish Bloody Mary Seasoning


Al Gackstetter | Bloody Mary Garlic 'N Dill Burgers


Al Gackstetter | Bloody Mary Horseradish Wings

Mike Schilling | Bloody Mary Garlic 'N Dill Salmon


Mike Schilling | Bloody Mary Garlic 'N Dill Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Scott Nardi | Shredded Chicken Sandwiches w/ Garlic 'N Dill Bloody Mary Seasoning


Scott Nardi | Chili with Bloody Mary Horseradish Seasoning

Dan Dicke | Homemade Ketchup w/ Bold 'N Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning and Rim Salt


Steve Lauer | Bloody Mary Monkey Bread


Steve Lauer | Bloody Mary Horseradish Meatballs


John Schwartz | Venison Stroganoff w/ Pepper Bloody Mary Seasoning

With a well-balanced, flavorful sauce or rub, the possibilities are endless. If you're an adventurous soul when it comes to Croix Valley products, be sure to share your meals online with the hashtag #croixvalleynation so we can share them with everyone else. And don't forget that we give out a coveted Croix Valley Tumbler every month to someone using that hashtag!

See ya' around the grill!

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