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Al Gackstetter | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Minnesota

Al Gackstetter | Croix Valley Pit Crew | Minnesota

Al Gackstetter, Pig's Eye BBQ | Minnesota

Al has been grilling and smoking creative dishes in his backyard for the past 13 years, branching out into pro BBQ from time to time and taking home some hardware.  As an avid Instagram creator, Al's photos and videos are top-notch, always featuring amazing dishes and Croix Valley flavors.  From a Tomahawk Steak simply flavored with Kansas City Rub or chicken glazed with Private Stock, Al's approach to flavor ranges from letting the product speak for itself when applied to his grilled fare to incorporating the flare of Croix Valley products into unique twists on traditional foods. 

When not creating amazing dishes for his followers to see, Al is cooking for his family, where simple flavors elevate family favorites, such as infusing Garlic Ginger Teriyaki sauce into ground turkey and rice, something his kids go nuts for.  Follow Pig's Eye on social media to see what he's grilling up next!

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