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Ingredientes: Azúcar, Sal, Ajo, Pimientos, Especias, Sabores Naturales.

¡Llamando a todos los entusiastas de la barbacoa! ¿Has estado buscando un condimento que pueda hacerlo todo? ¡No busque más allá del Original Barbecue Booster de Croix Valley!

Este condimento multiusos es perfecto para carne de res, pollo, cerdo y más. Agítelo sobre su comida antes, durante o después de cocinar, como si fuera sal y pimienta. ¡Es como tener una varita mágica de sabor al alcance de tu mano!

Original Barbecue Booster de Croix Valley no es solo un condimento. También es un excelente aliño seco para agregar a sus carnes antes de cocinarlas. Imparte sabores herbáceos que llevarán su barbacoa al siguiente nivel. Y si desea agregar sabor a cualquier plato, este condimento es igualmente versátil como sustituto de la sal y otras especias.

Entonces, ¿por qué conformarse con carnes o verduras blandas cuando puede agregar un toque de sabor con Original Barbecue Booster de Croix Valley? Es perfecto para bistecs, hamburguesas, chuletas o cualquier plato que necesite algo extra.

¿Qué hay en esta versátil mezcla de especias? Nuestro Original Barbecue Booster es una mezcla cuidadosamente elaborada de hierbas y especias, que crea un equilibrio perfecto de sabor que elevará cualquier plato.

¿Entonces, Qué esperas? Tome una botella de Original Barbecue Booster de Croix Valley y lleve su cocina al siguiente nivel. Tus papilas gustativas te lo agradecerán!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great all around SPG rub/seasoning

Fantastic flavor, rich with the perfect amount of salt, pepper, and garlic with sweet notes to balance it all out. I love it on ribs, steak, chicken, and fish all alone or mixed with other great Croix Valley products. Ordering online is easy, delivery is fast, and everything is packaged with care. Keep up the amazing work Damon, Lu, and CV team! Everything is


Damon I always am looking for making my food tastier! I’m always about spices and seasonings that compliment what I’m making, not over powering. I ordered this seasoning hoping it would do just that, compliment, not over power. Wow I’m a believer now! I used this on 2 quality Ribeye’s as a rub and My Husband and I were pleasantly surprised! Thank You! Keep up the good work! I look forward to trying the other products in my order. Will let you know how they go also,

AE Gross (Amazon Review)
We enjoy this versatile seasoning on a lot of our food

We weren't sure if this seasoning would be anything different than others we tried. We were quite surprised at how nice this is. The flavor is strong enough but not so much that it over powers the dish. Our daughter loves to put extra seasoning/flavors on her foods, especially steamed vegetables. The texture is pleasant as well, with no particular item standing out and not leaving crunchy bits on the food or in the mouth.
If marinating something, this would be a great addition to add a little boost of flavor. It complements many things without overtaking them.

great on fish fillets

I want a little more than salt and pepper on my freshly caught fish but I don't want to mask the delicate fish flavor with overpowering spices. This seasoning was perfect!

My Salt Substitute

Try this in place of salt. We put it on our veggies every time. This also adds much more than salt alone when seasoning burgers, soups or bland meals.