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Ingredientes: Azúcar, Jugo de Manzana, Vinagre de Sidra, Pimientos Morrones, Chiles Jalapeños, Piña, Goma Xanthum, Chiles Habaneros.

Di aloha para darle sabor a la ciudad con la barbacoa de piña, habanero y salsa de alitas de Croix Valley : ¡una explosión tropical que hará que tus papilas gustativas bailen hula! Ideal para aderezar aves, mariscos, cerdo y más, esta salsa premium combina la dulzura de la piña con el toque descarado de los chiles habaneros. Solo dale a tus carnes un giro afrutado o un atrevido remolino cerca del final de la cocción, ¡y serás transportado directamente a un luau de delicias para relamerse los labios!

¡Nuestra salsa barbacoa y alitas de habanero y piña es TODO sabor y SIN SAL!

¡Mira nuestro habanero de piña en estos perros calientes King Kamehameha!

Pruebe cuatro de nuestros productos más vendidos ¡Salsas de alitas en el paquete de regalo de salsa BBQ y alitas!

Customer Reviews

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Chris sebastian


Roger Schultz

We use this sauce on wings, skin on chicken breast and pork chops when grilling. It is also fantastic on chicken tacos or chicken taco salads. Even the kids love it. We always have most of your sauces, dry rub boosters and wing dust in stock here where most meals include one of your products.

Tim Newell

This sauce puts it all together. Sweetness and a touch of heat. I used this at the 2023 SCA world championships for mtly bbq chicken egg roll. Tossed the smoked chicken in this sauce, paired it with some bacon jam and then incorporated some of the pineapple habenero into some sour cream for a great tasting sauce. I will buy this again when I run out!

Keven Farrrell
Pineapple Habanero

hi guys
just a note to let you know that the Pineapple Habanero sauce is the bomb
i use it lots more then i tought i would.

Thanks Keven! It's a versatile sauce that surprises people. Give it a shot on scrambled eggs...SO GOOD!

Henry Stephens
A Spectacular Sauce!

I have recently purchased this product and decided to use it to glaze some Texas Twinkies, OMG this differently elevated them to the next level! I can see this would have many uses including glazing my Easter ham with it!

Most flavorful Easter ham your family has ever had! What a great idea. Thanks for chiming in Henry!