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Croix Valley Pro Team


Hello and welcome to the Croix Valley Pro Team!  In 2023, we're embarking on many new initiatives, including streamlining how we partner with our engaged community of fans and influencers.  You've certainly shown an enthusiasm for our brand and we appreciate you using Croix Valley products as part of your cook on the competition trail. Moving forward, we're looking to have 2 groups of individuals/teams with different skills, abilities and expectations that will help to build our brand in their own little way, while having fun and receiving recognition for doing so.  While we consider everyone to be a part of Team Croix Valley, our 2 groups will consist of the following, with certain individuals choosing to participate in both segments simultaneously if they chose to. 

Croix Valley Pro Team: These are food sport competitors that compete in SCA, KBCS, and other sanctioned food sport competitions. 

Croix Valley Pit Crew: This is more of a traditional influencer role. These people love to fire up the grill (or stove), experiment with new flavors, and share their creations on social media. 

This document focuses on the Croix Valley Pro Team. If you are a Pro Team member and want to also be included as a Pit Crew member, just let us know!  We would certainly encourage you to participate in Pit Crew challenges, and recipe posts and being as active on social media as you can be. Still, we also recognize that not all Pro Team members are comfortable being in a more traditional influencer role, and don't have the time or the creativity to focus on cool pics, videos, and recipes.  That's okay!  We all have our place, and we want you to feel comfortable to be able to do your own thing.   To learn more about the Pit Crew specific activities, please check out the Croix Valley Pit Crew page.

What Croix Valley provides to Pro Team members:

  • We'll send you whatever Croix Valley products you need to be successful in your competitions.
  • We will share your pics and competition successes on our social channels and tag you.
  • We will create a profile section for you on our website that highlights you and your team, your competition highlights, your cooking, and links to your social media accounts.
  • We will send Pro Team members a tent canopy for use in competitions, banners, T-shirts, swag, and other merchandise.

What Croix Valley needs from you:

  • Incorporate Croix Valley products in your cooks, and go get ‘em!  Give us shout-outs and recognition at awards ceremonies and be sure to mention Croix Valley in your pics, reels, or videos. Use our tents, fly our banners and help us build our brand in the world of competition cooking, and beyond in any way you see fit.   Tag us and use the hashtag #croixvalleynation.  Other hashtags we love to see would be #croixvalleyproteam, #teamcroixvalley, #poweredbyflavor, and anything you feel is groovy.  We search the #croixvalleynation to see what’s happening around the socials, so please make sure that’s in the mix!
  • When not in competition, as a Pro Team member, we simply ask that you use our products wherever you see fit, and help us build the brand by sharing your food pics with your audiences when you can and where appropriate.  There is no stipulation for what you post about us or how often, we simply ask that you take the initiative from time to time.  If folks follow you in competition cooking, we're sure they're interested in what you're eating at home and how you made it!

That's it!  As with our Pit Crew members, we'll never ask you for exclusivity with our products.  If you use others or help rep other companies' products, that's cool with us!  Additionally, if you want to post more often, throw out some stories, make some TikToks, and share other team mate's posts, well, then you're just really cool with us!


Don't forget, in helping us out, we can help you too!


Cashback on your customized affiliate code. Each Croix Valley Pro Team member gets a custom coupon code for 15% off at our website to share with their fans. You get 10% of all sales generated. We’ll Paypal or Venmo you $100 when the coupon code reaches $1000 in sales. How cool is that?  Your friends get a discount on Croix Valley stuff and you get cold, hard cash back in your pocket! This program applies to our U.S.-based team members only, as we are not currently shipping orders direct from our website to international customer.

Our Retail Store Affiliate Program also allows you to make money if you help us get on the shelves at a new retail store. If you mention Croix Valley to a place you like to shop and they bring our products in, you’ll get a cash back payment for $50 or 10% of the sale of their initial order, whichever is larger. We can send you a .pdf document that can even drop off to the store to introduce them to the brand.

Note for Canadian Team Members: Product, swag and other items that may be sent to you will be coming directly from Croix Valley in the United States.  When helping to promote Croix Valley products, we encourage you to mention to others that our products can be ordered online in Canada through

Note for European Team Members: Product, swag and other items that may be sent to you will be facilitated directly from EMC BBQ.