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Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Spices, Granulated Onion, Granulated Garlic.

  • Vegan

Get ready to taste the flavors that put St. Louis on the BBQ map with Croix Valley's St. Louis Style BBQ Dry Rub! This rub has the signature sweet and tangy profile that makes this region an icon in the world of BBQ.

And let's talk about those St. Louis Cut Spare ribs - they're world famous! This region has a flavor profile all its own, and this rub captures all the deliciousness that makes St. Louis-style BBQ so special.

Infused with the perfect blend of spices and ingredients, this rub is like a flavor bomb that's great for any meal on the grill or smoker. And it's not just for ribs - this rub is perfect for chicken, pork, and more.

So why not pay homage to one of the great BBQ capitols of the United States and try Croix Valley's St. Louis BBQ Dry Rub? It's the perfect blend of sweet and tangy that'll make your taste buds dance. Whether you're cooking on the direct heat of the grill or the "low and slow" cook on the smoker, this rub is sure to impress. So fire up that grill or smoker and get ready to taste the flavors that made St. Louis a BBQ legend!

  • Perfect for Pork Ribs or Shoulders
  • Excellent for Chicken thighs and legs.

    Try all four of our regional flavors in our Regional Reserve BBQ Dry Rub Gift Set!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    John miller
    St. Louis Dry Rub

    We’re a restaurant in upstate NY, we usually make all our own rubs and sauces, but due to high demand and being so busy we’re looking to free up some time. Croix Valley popped up on google and after reading reviews and watching you tube videos i decided to give their products a try. I taught a bbq class using the St Louis rub and the Kansas City Sauce, 30 students said it was the best ribs they ever had!!!

    Howard Evans
    Has great flavor

    This will be my first time. Trying St. Louis on ribs. Just tasting it out of the container. It’s really good.

    CWins (Amazon Review)

    Great flavor!