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Croix Valley Cookoff 2023

Croix Valley Cookoff 2023

The Croix Valley Cookoff is coming back on June 10th, 2023!

We're hosting a single-day DOUBLE Steak Cookoff Association Comp with 2 Ancillaries - the Bratwurst Showdown and the Anything Croix Valley category!  With $12,000 in cash up for grabs, payouts and trophies through 10th place in each category and the chance to win a new UTV, the 2023 cookoff is going to be EPIC!  Held at the new Croix Valley World Headquarters in Hudson, Wisconsin, we are expecting over 100 competitors and space will be limited, so sign up today!


Each entry in our competition gets you a raffle ticket for the drawing of the UTV.  Enter Steak A & B and both Ancillaries, and you have 4 chances to win... couldn't be easier!  What's more, you can purchase additional entries in the drawing for $25 each, in exchange for cooking an extra steak (that we will provide) that will be donated back to the charity to help feed those in need.  You must cook the additional steaks and hand them in on-site by 5:00pm.

Let's Talk Ancillaries:

croix valley cookoff

Both the Bratwurst Showdown and the Anything Croix Valley Ancillaries will use the Creative Ancillary rules and are considered "Anything with x" categories, meaning you must turn in 6 portions to the judges.  Creativity counts, so getting wild and making up fun dishes like bratwurst-stuffed croissant bites or Croix Valley Pineapple Habanero cheesecake bars is what it's all about.

Bratwurst Showdown Note: 

Bratwurst must be the star of the dish.  You can cook whatever you like, as long as it not only includes brats, but features them as well.  Provide your own bratwurst for the Showdown. It is an Anything with Bratwurst category, so you must turn in 6 portions.


Anything Croix Valley Note:

This is an "anything goes" category, as long as you have 6 portions that fit inside the provided clamshell.  You must use at least one Croix Valley product as the main flavor component.  Have fun, be creative and let those Croix Valley flavors shine!

blue rhino propane

NEW to a Steak Cookoff? 

If you're new to a steak cookoff, please feel free to reach out with any questions, we'll help navigate the process.  Great information can be found online and the helpful community of SCA cooks love to share their wisdom.  The SCA Group Facebook page is a great resource as well.

Here's the bottom line to get your head wrapped around a competition:

1.  We provide the steaks.  Each cook is given 2 ribeye steaks.  You can cook them both, but you only turn in 1 steak for the judges, whole and not cut into pieces.

2. You are given an approximate 10x15 space in a parking lot to cook from. Most cooks bring a 10x10 pop up tent, a grill and some tables to work from.  Any and all cooking equipment and utensils, rubs, marinades, charcoal (etc) are the responsibility of the cook to provide. Bring a camp chair and a cooler with some's a fun time!

3. If electricity is needed, bring your own generator. Most cooks use charcoal grills, but you can utilize any heat source you want to cook your steaks.  You can cook on charcoal, pellets, gas, a frying pan, a panini press (if you're adventurous enough) get the idea.

4. Simply stick to the timeline in the flyer below.  We have a cook's meating, you select your steaks, then you're off to do what you please for the remainder of the day.  Just don't miss your turn-in window!  The judges can't judge you if you don't turn in your steak!

6.  A steak cookoff is a fun way to spend a day.  If you love to grill, hang out with friends, crack a cold one and mingle with others that love cooking as well, then you've found your SCA Family.  Come join us!  Full rules and additional information about steak cookoffs can be found on the SCA website at

 First-Time Cook Special! $500 bonus up for grabs!

We not only welcome, but encourage first-time cooks to get involved and have some fun!  We'll be giving away and extra $500 bonus prize to the highest-scoring first-time steak cook at our competition.  Whoever has the highest cumulative score between Steak A and B combined will win a special $500 payout! 


Location: Croix Valley's NEW World Headquarters - 2320 Jack Breault Dr, Hudson WI

The SCA Flyer is below - please share with your friends and encourage NEW cooks to join!

Croix Valley Cookoff 2023
croix valley cookoff 2023

Croix Valley Cookoff 2021

2021 Highlights...

croix valley cookoff

croix valley cookoff

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