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Damon Holter Becomes 2022 World Sandwich Champion With Bison Gyro

Damon Holter Becomes 2022 World Sandwich Champion With Bison Gyro

Damon Holter world sandwich champion

Damon Holter, owner of Croix Valley Foods, recently became the World Sandwich Champion at the World Food Championships in Dallas, TX. Damon and his wife Lu, have competed in the World Food Championships for the last nine years; this is Damon's first championship title. 

In the first round Damon created a Corned Bison Reuben, which was no small feat. Corned meats often take up to ten days, but Damon developed a way to accomplish this in just 45 minutes. He had two hours to complete the task, and the finished Corned Bison Reuben landed him a place in the Top 10. 

Damon also purchased an antique, hand-powered meat slicer, as powered devices are not allowed in competition. He was able to produce thinly sliced meat that surprised and delighted the judges in both rounds of competition. 

damon holter croix valley

Damon said, "The key to this win was the simplicity of using the Croix Valley products to give the judges winning flavors.  With the Greek Booster and the Garlic Booster in my recipes, it sure made all the difference!"

Damon will now join nine other category champions to compete in the World Food Championship Final Table. They'll announce the location in January, and there Damon will navigate three more challenges to compete for the grand prize of $100,000. 

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  • Damon,
    This is Rick from Mont du Lac Ski Resort. I have moved to Palm Springs CA. I am the GM of an RV Resort here and we are starting a Taste of Sunland event. this event goes on weekends from October 2023 – January 2024.
    Would you be interested in coming out here in the dead of Wisconsin winter to do some grilling demos, sell product, do a Chef’s dinner etc. in Palm Springs CA ?
    I notice you have a bigger Pro Team now so it might be an opportunity for them as well.
    Please call me at 615.943.7770 to discuss this.
    I hope you and Lu are doing well.
    Thank you,

    Rick McCurley

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