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Croix Valley Grillmeister Jeff Hiers | September 2021

Croix Valley Grillmeister Jeff Hiers | September 2021

croix valley grillmeister jeff hiers

Meet Croix Valley Grillmeister Jeff Hiers and SCA Joe

You might also notice "SCA Joe" in the picture above. Damon Holter also travels with the infamous SCA Barbie, and what started as a joke has turned into a regular fixture at SCA events.
Jeff lives in Appleton, WI, and has been married for 21 years to his soulmate Rebecca. Grilling has always been big of his family with roots from Sheboygan, WI. "Everything starts with brats and steak sandwiches."
He's worked at Kitz & Pfeil Ace Hardware for the last 35 years. He took over a manager role at the Appleton location three years ago and has ran the grilling department for the last 22 years.
His father (Allen Hiers) is the biggest reason he grills. He learned a lot from him and misses him dearly. In his free time he likes to fish, go camping, and fire up the grill. 
He and his wife compete in SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) with the Cheese Curd Cartel, and he qualified for the World Championship in June of this year. He also cooks in the KCBS contest with Chef's Gone Grill'n and Chef Jeff Igel of the Fox Valley Technical College Culinary Institute.
grillmeister jeff hiers

Now onto the grilling questions...

When did you get into grilling, and how often do you fire it up? 
Teenager, 2 to 3 times a week.

Name one thing grilling technique you’ve learned over the years that has served you well. 
Fire management. 

What’s the most unique thing you’ve grilled or cooked? 
Whole pheasant over the campfire, pizza over the campfire, and making scrambled eggs with eggs that were frozen with dry ice over the campfire.
grillmeister jeff hiers

Tell us about your most memorable day around the grill. 
When I qualified for the World Championship for SCA in June.

Last but not least, what are your favorite Croix Valley products? 
My favorite Croix Valley product is the last one I use. They are all so good. Whether it's the Bloody Mary Seasonings or the Wing Booster and the BBQ Booster products, it's too hard to pick one. I love to experiment and try different combinations all the time. 
If you're a fan of Croix Valley products and share your creations online, be sure to use the hashtag #croixvalleynation. We're always on the lookout for the next Grillmeister!


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