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The Super Bowl Gift Card Giveaway!

The Super Bowl Gift Card Giveaway!

Last update Thursday 9:06 am CST.

The Croix Valley Super Bowl Gift Card Give Away is Full!

Thanks to everyone that shared the game on social media. If you missed out on a square, make sure you're signed up for our newsletter, where we offer discounts and other sweepstakes throughout the year. 

Our recipe section is full of tasty meals for the big game, like the Croix Valley Football. If you're running low on sauce check the Store Finder to see if you can pick some up in your area. 

We'll be chiming in live after each quarter to congratulate the winners on Sunday night. Best of luck everyone!

Q1 Winner - $25 Gift Card
Q2 Winner - $25 Gift Card
Q3 Winner - $25 Gift Card
Q4 Winner - $50 Gift Card


  1. You only get ONE square. Comment below with the square you want AND your Instagram handle (refresh to see your comment).
  2. ***MOST IMPORTANT - To be eligible to win you must 1) Follow us on Facebook, 2) Follow us on Instagram, and 3) Sign up for our newsletter (you can do that at the bottom of the page).
  3. Only 100 people can play. When the squares are gone, they're gone!
  4. Yes! You can win more than once. It's unlikely, but if the stars align it could happen. 
  5. You can pick squares until kickoff on Sunday!
  6. Contest available in North America only. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with football betting squares, it's pretty straight forward. Let's say you pick square #1. If the score after the first quarter is 7-2 Bengals, you win. If it's 17-12, you win. It has to be either the only number or the second number in the score. 

We'll do our best to keep the image above up to date, but your best bet is to make sure that your number isn't already spoken for in the comments 🔍👍. May the best griller win!

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  • Would love 82. @tamjoe091303

    Tammy l Schmalenberger
  • 12, kel6801

    Keli Pember
  • 2 or 92

    Tina Barry

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