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Perfect Grilled Venison Roast

Perfect Grilled Venison Roast

With the fall deer harvest upon us, take note of this amazing method for Grilled Venison Roast!

With an estimated 11 million hunters in the United States taking to the woods each fall, the annual deer harvest brings an overwhelming tonnage of meat to the American dinner table each year.  While many hunters pride themselves in the preparation of their harvest, the age-old methods of cooking venison in slow cookers or braising pans is handed down from generations past in order to conquer the lean cuts of meat that oft times trouble the sportsman in the kitchen.  Sausages, jerky and ground meat many times become the norm from the local butcher and processor and often replaces traditional cuts of meat.  We’ll aim to take one such traditional cut, the venison shoulder roast, and prepare it using the most primitive form of cooking one can find;  a good old-fashioned fire.

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